Library Book Gift Fund

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Your child will soon be celebrating a birthday, a special occasion for your child and family. A contribution to the Prettyboy Elementary School Library Gift Fund is a unique and meaningful way to recognize this happy day.

A donation of $25 or more will purchase a book chosen to benefit the school library and to make it a well-rounded collection. The book will have a bookplate affixed and will be inscribed with your child’s name and personal message. Your child will be the first to borrow the book from the library. Such a gift creates a lasting tribute and gives your child a great sense of pride as he/she, friends and siblings open this book to find the inscription.

The Library Gift Fund  can also be used to commemorate other occasions – teacher appreciation, get well wishes, acknowledgement of special achievements, graduation, holiday greetings, or just because.

Please use the link below to access the application for this program. Fill it out and send it in to the library with your child.